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Total Facility Commissioning
Whether a building owner is trying to achieve full LEED® certification or simply desires commissioning guidance, ACSSI specializes in the commissioning process. We’ve developed a commissioning approach that provides owners with best practices based on the Building Commissioning Association's 13 Essential Building Commissioning Attributes  on how to procure and operate new facilities. Our approach offers many benefits, including usable documentation, well-trained staff, and most importantly, a high-quality functional facility that meets the owner’s needs.  The scope of commissioning services can easily be adjusted to meet the owner's needs and budget.

LEED Facilitation
Within the LEED® rating system, commissioning is divided into two levels: 1.) Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning, and 2.) Enhanced Commissioning. Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning is a mandatory prerequisite for LEED® certification and verifies and ensures that fundamental building elements and systems are designed, installed and calibrated to operate as intended. Enhanced Commissioning is one of the 69 optional credits that can be applied to help reach LEED® certification. Its goal is to provide the owner with even greater value by accomplishing additional tasks that help reduce design and construction rework. It also assists operation's staff in maintaining the building's peak performance over the long term.  ACSSI can assist with achieving your LEED® certification goals with regard to commissioning services.

Mechanical and Electrical Commissioning
The number one problem reported by owners of newly constructed or renovated buildings is a malfunctioning HVAC system. Mechanical and Electrical commissioning addresses the verification of all aspects of materials, equipment, and systems, and focuses on the difference between systems simply operating and systems achieving the intended performance parameters. ACSSI has the expertise to apply commissioning concepts to all building Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems.

The commissioning process can be applied to existing buildings, that have never been commissioned, to restore them to optimal performance. Retro-commissioning (RCx) or Existing Building Commissioning is a systematic, documented process that identifies low-cost operational and maintenance improvements in existing buildings and brings the buildings up to the design intentions of its current usage.  RCx focuses on existing energy-using equipment such as mechanical equipment, lighting and related controls equipment and endeavors to optimize the existing system performance.The results include improved indoor air quality, comfort, controls, and energy consumption. 

Building systems often change hands throughout the life of a building. Thus leading to building systems being operated by different staff, installed/retrofitted by different contractors, and purchased by different owners, who are under pressure to resolve occupant complaints about comfort. Quick fixes may resolve an individual complaint, but can throw other systems out of balance and cause loss of maximum benefits from initial building commissioning or retro-commissioning. Recommissioning is the process of reconfirming that the originally commissioned systems are working as originally designed based on the original commissioning documents. 

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